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Nurse Harvey’s Organıcs Buzzyderm


Nurse Harvey’s Organics Buzzyderm; Developed with natural herbal oils for use by babies, children and adults; It is a cooling body gel. 99% of the total ingredients are of natural origin; 94% is organic.

Recommended Daily Use:
After cleaning your hands, apply some  Nurse Harvey’s Organics Buzzyderm Soothing Body Gel  as a layer to the needed area. Wait for a while for the gel to penetrate your skin; Do not cover it. You can use it several times a day as needed. Babies, children and adults can use it.

Storage Conditions:
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. It may cause allergic reactions. Store at room temperature.

Commercial Presentation and Packaging Content:
Nurse Harvey’s Organics Buzzyderm Sooting Body Gel, 20 gr. It was put on the market in a boxed tube packaging.


Used externally. Do not swallow. Do not drink. Avoid contact with your eyes and mouth. Contains aromatic components. Examine the contents. Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.



It has been shown in various scientific studies to be an immunostimulant (supporting the immune system). If you have acne problems, the use of gels and soaps containing Aloe vera can help treat acne-prone skin. It can be effective in relieving itchy rashes on the skin.

Poria cocos itself and the extract produce anti-inflammatory effects both internally and externally and have been used for the same purpose for centuries. Irritated, dry and red skin can be soothed when using a formulation containing the extract. It is believed to reduce under-eye puffiness and treat dark circles.

Phragmites Karka Extract is the extract of the plant. It can help moisturize the skin. It can strengthen the skin barrier and help balance skin moisture levels by preventing water loss. It also contains antioxidant compounds.

Menthol is a cyclic terpene alcohol of plant origin and is used topically in 1-3% concentration for itching. It provides a cooling sensation on the skin and helps reduce itching. Although the mechanism of action of menthol is not fully known, it is thought to activate nerve endings and c-opioid receptors.