Harvey's Fortuss - NURSE HARVEY'S

Harvey’s Fortuss


Harvey’s Fortuss is a food supplement in liquid form developed for children with herbal extracts. It contains Marshmallow Flower Extract, Ginger Extract, Vitamin C and Honey. It does not contain added sugar, paraben or alcohol. With its natural raspberry flavor, it has a taste that children will enjoy drinking.

Recommended Daily Use:
It is recommended to use 1 scale 3 times a day for children aged 4-10. 1 scale is 5 ml.

Storage Conditions:
Store at room temperature, below 25 ºC, out of reach of children. Once opened, consume within 3 months.

Commercial Presentation and Packaging Content:
Harvey’s Fortuss is marketed in a boxed 150 ml bottle.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake dose.
Food supplements do not replace normal nutrition.
Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication use.
It is not a medicine.
It is not used for the prevention or treatment of diseases.


During winter months or seasonal transitions, our body resistance decreases and we may contract respiratory diseases. Marshmallow is a type of plant preferred in the treatment of severe cough, cold and flu. It reduces the pain and irritation that may occur in the throat caused by cough  . It is effective in increasing saliva production in case of dryness in the mouth. Marshmallow flower tea can be used as a good treatment method for those who have respiratory problems.


Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a plant belonging to the turmeric and cardamom root family. Ginger is a root plant and has more than 1300 different species. Ginger, used for hundreds of years, is one of the leading medicinal plants, especially in Asian countries. Its most effective properties known to the public are painkillers, anti-nausea and vomiting, digestive aids and expectorants.

It has a pungent taste and odor. These properties come from the primary ingredient it contains, ginger cartons. Gingerols, shogaols, zingiberene and paradols found in ginger are bioactive compounds effective in the treatment of various diseases. The effects of ginger on health arise from these metabolites. It is also a rich source of polyphenols and phytochemicals. It has anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the components it contains. 

Vitamin C  helps heal wounds, repair and protect teeth, skin and cartilage . Vitamin C also helps prevent or delay certain cancers and heart disease as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals in the body that can help support healthy aging.

Honey protects the body from inflammation thanks to the antioxidants it contains. Inflammation in the body can cause various diseases such as cancer, heart health and autoimmune disorders. Due to its antimicrobial effect, it accelerates the healing of wounds and also contributes to the reduction of stomach complaints.