Nurse Harvey's Colex - NURSE HARVEY'S

Nurse Harvey’s Colex


Nurse Harvey’s Colex is a food supplement enriched with herbal oils and has a specially designed cap closure system. It does not contain alcohol, paraben, glucose syrup, artificial flavoring and coloring matter.

Recommended Daily Use:
It is recommended to use 6 scales a day during or after feeding. 1 scale is 5ml.

Storage Conditions:
Keep out of reach of children. In a cool, dry place; Store away from moisture and sunlight. Once opened, store in the refrigerator after opening the cap and consume within 6 weeks.

Commercial Presentation and Packaging Content:
Nurse Harvey’s Colex is supplied to the market in a boxed 145 ml bottle.

Do not exceed the recommended daily intake dose.
Food supplements do not replace normal nutrition.
Consult your doctor in case of pregnancy, breastfeeding, illness or medication use.
It is not a medicine.
It is not used for the prevention or treatment of diseases.


Cumin oil when applied to the skin of the abdomen at the optimum density in petroleum jelly, it helps to reduce intestinal gas, reduce gastrointestinal spasms, increase blood circulation and help thegastric secretion to be more regular, for those who suffer from intestinal gas or colic pain. Baby and allows children to relax.

Dill oil is a well-known Galactogogue. Babies who are breastfed often suffer from bloating and gas. Dill oil carburetor and its properties are absorbed into the milk and indirectly help the baby get rid of such problems support.

Baking soda helps alkaline the body. The alkalinity of the body relieves gas pains. Therefore, you can use baking soda to relieve gas congestion.