Nurse Harvey's Aırmıx - NURSE HARVEY'S

Nurse Harvey’s Aırmıx


Nurse Harvey’s Airmix contains herbal essential natural oils in its formula. The natural herbal oils in its content have air aromatizing properties.

Recommended Daily Use:
Place 10-15 drops on a damp towel or water filled container and place on the radiator. It can be used by dropping 3-5 drops on duvet covers, pillows, clothes and collars.

Storage Conditions:
Keep out of the reach of children in the box. Keep away from foods.

Commercial Presentation and Packaging Content:
Nurse Harvey’s Airmix is supplied to the market as boxed in 20 ml glass bottle.


For external use. Do not swallow. Do not drink. Do not contact with your eyes. May cause allergy. Contains Coumarine, D-Limonene, Linalool.



Pine turpentine oil has a rapid pain relieving effect on joint pain and rheumatic pain.
Relaxes the lungs.
It opens the breath with a steam bath made through the nose and relaxes the lungs.
Good for the nose and throat
It is known to relieve the nose and throat especially in upper respiratory tract infections.
It is a solution to stress.
It is also recommended to add it to the bath water as it has a stress and fatigue relieving effect.

Lemon oil can be used directly by smelling in cases such as nausea, anxiety and depression. Dropping a few drops into the water used to clean the environment causes the oil to spread its scent to the environment. Lemon oil used in this way has a relaxing, invigorating effect and helps to focus.

The oil obtained by crushing tea tree leaves is frequently preferred in skin care products thanks to its skin regenerating properties. Used as a traditional medicine for centuries,

Crystalline menthol is obtained from the leaves of mint, a plant that contains a compound called menthol. It is a natural ingredient widely used in the cosmetic, medical and aromatherapy industries.