Nurse Harvey’s

A long search…

Harvey, a baby nurse who worked devotedly for many years in England, sought a cure especially for the colic pains suffered by babies. For this purpose, Harvey, who blended all his experiences with herbal ingredients, achieved successful results with a mixture containing sodium bicarbonate, dill and cumin oil, which he prepared as a result of long searches.

The solution accepted by the world…

Created by Harvey Scruton, a company founded in England in the mid-1960s, Nurse Harvey’s quickly became a well-known brand in the field of baby and child health with its natural mixtures especially for babies.
The success of the product called Gripe Mixture, which is identified with Nurse Harvey’s, in relieving gas, colic and digestive problems of babies, has enabled the brand to gain an international reputation.

And it is now a Turkish brand…

In 2012, all global and national rights of the Nurse Harvey’s brand were purchased by Haks, and the Nurse Harvey’s brand became a Turkish brand. The production base was moved to Turkey, and product categories suitable for Baby-Child-Organics-Mother and Adult groups were developed through various R&D studies. Products developed specifically to relieve colic pains continue to carry the naturalness vision of the first day and are among the top 3 best-selling products in Turkey.

Without compromising on quality, with the power of nature, to health…

The main principle of the Nurse Harvey’s brand is to preserve the naturalness of all the products it produces at the maximum level. That’s why Nurse Harvey’s products do not contain pharmaceuticals or chemical active ingredients. The brand continues to increase its diversity with safe products produced using only natural and herbal ingredients.
Nurse Harvey’s maintains the purity of products produced for the delicate newborn period for all age groups. Nurse Harvey’s products are produced with the most natural ingredients and care, without any side effects.
Nurse Harvey’s, one of the first brands that come to mind among baby and children’s OTC brands, continues to grow with both its work in Turkey and its exports to various countries around the world.



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